We help train up disciples to become
Christ-like in character and service.


Our vision is simply defined in a single action statement.

We help train up disciples to become Christ-like in character and service.

Our vision encompasses three distinct but highly connected areas.

The Disciple

At the heart of our ministry is the disciple. They are the reason we exist. Our purpose is to facilitate the training of mature disciples who are biblically complete and whole. They then demonstrate this by walking in the fullness of the nature and character of Jesus Christ and by demonstrating the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus, as they walk in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit.

Our Learning Community

Surrounding the disciple is a community of individuals and organizations that form the heart of the relational network that is the driving force behind the effort to accomplish our purpose. We accomplished  this by developing a cooperative community of teachers and learners, working together in unity as the Body of Jesus Christ, building each other up in the Holy faith, ministering to one another, and demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ to those who do not know Him.

Our Learning Environment

The learning environment is the supportive framework in which we work to accomplish our purpose. We are constantly exploring current technologies and current biblical resources for the continued development and expansion of our learning environment. We do this so we can provide the best possible learning environment for our students and our teachers.



To help train the best possible, fully equipped followers of Jesus Christ, for His glory, for His good pleasure, for His great and loving purpose, so that His good and perfect will is manifest in our daily lives.


Knowing the disciple, knowing their needs.


We are a non-denominational, Judeo-Christian based organization dedicated to the training of disciples for Jesus Christ by the teaching of His Word. We are striving to create an online environment with shared resources that will be available to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and it is free of charge. We seek to work with individuals to develop their personal discipleship practices,  and with organizations to help build and support their disciple making ministries.

Articles explaining our philosophy of ministry.

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